“We will strike,” Israel vowed to destroy Syria’s air defense over an obstacle in the fight against terrorism

The Minister of defence of Israel has promised to strike at air defense of Syria, if that will prevent the destruction of the positions of the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

This Avigdor Lieberman said during a visit to one of the units VTEL Hashomer, the edition of “Hvil”.

The Israeli defense Minister said that the country’s army will be forced to destroy Positii if it will interfere with the attacks by armed terrorist group “Hezbollah”.

“We will not compromise. If there is a threat to the state of Israel, we will strike. And if the Syrian air defense will again open fire on our aircraft, we will have to destroy them,” said Lieberman.

He also added that Israel is not involved in the Syrian conflict and has no interest in escalating the conflict with Syria. According to him, the attacks on the territory of a neighbor are held in exceptional cases, when there is a threat to the territorial integrity of the country.

Prior to that the army of Bashar al-Assad said cesmeli 2 Israeli aircraft that crossed the Syrian airspace.