The couple in Cherkessk through the courts decide the fate of the embryos

Moscow. March 17. INTERFAX – Two divorced spouses in Cherkessk trying to help the court to decide the fate of the embryos.

A year ago, the couple resorted to in vitro fertilization, but the pregnancy does not come. It was created six embryos, said on Friday the First channel.

After a divorce, the man wants to destroy everything, and his ex-wife requires the embryos to leave.

According to observers, the proceedings in the Circassian city court will be long and is likely to pass all stages of appeal.

According to independent lawyers, the case may go to the fact that the man has to pay child support.

“Uchityvaya that the father of the baby is known, it can be charged with the contents born. That’s the law,” – said the head of the Moscow branch of the Centre of medical law Andrew Karpenko.

Meanwhile, the court has forbidden the disposal of the embryos, they arrested pending a final decision in the case.

International practice is replete with such cases, said the TV channel. At the time high school was held in the European court of human rights. It was attended by cancer, a British woman, Natalie Evans, who along with her lover, resorted to IVF. After parting the man demanded to destroy the embryos, and the court supported him in this. This solution is added to the materials of the case and in the Circassian court.