“Pressed” militants enterprises in the Russian market will be of interest only as scrap”: the journalist said, which led to the “nationalization” of “DNR/LNR”

The “nationalized” Ukrainian enterprises in the occupied Donbass, Zakharchenko Plotnitsky I don’t know what to do with all this. And factories, mines and in “LNR/DNR” stopped at the so-called “transition period”, and when complete will launch the production – nobody knows.

According to the journalist Alexander
Dubinsky, “a transition period” should end may 1, 2017,
reports “Dialog. UA”.

In Facebook he wrote that up to this point the owners
companies should take care of the employees.

“What I understand by this
in the “Republic” is not clear. Probably just trying to buy time
to negotiate with the Ukrainian authorities and to resume trading
relationship. Without this, the survival of the “republics” practically
unreal”, – the journalist writes.

“Depressed”militants enterprises worked not less than 300 thousand people, and that pensions and salaries.

“A “customs”
fees from the trade turnover with Ukraine provide 80% of revenues separatists”,
– adds Dubinsky.

Employees of enterprises already
warned that the wages they will reduce and they will get 30 percent

Dubinsky adds that
this is only the beginning of “nationalization” in terrorist “republics”.

“Coal of Donbass
Russia does not need as metallurgy, where they have enough. So
the “nationalized” enterprises on the Russian market will be
interesting primarily as scrap”, – summed up Dubinsky.

Informed blogger from Yenakiyevo
Alexander Chernov has told that dismissed from the factory robochimp give employment record, and do not pay arrears of wages.

It is also known that after the first
the stage of “spin” of the enterprises of Ukraine, the terrorists are ready for a monstrous step.