Kucuk: the Players coped with the task

In the framework of the 22nd round Steel at home defeated Alexandria with the score 4:1.

“What it was at halftime in the locker room? First, we were a bit sagged and slowly started the attack, we started pressing, and we are reaching the opponents ‘ box, and then somehow returned the ball to his goalkeeper,” — said Kuchuk at the post-match press conference.

“So we had to play faster and not let the opponent to put pressure on us. That’s all. So there was some pumping, and it was the specific job and the players did it. And we are not allowed the opponent to play, although both teams played solid football.”

“Why? Because the field itself is not fast. When the field is not quick, the game is just a lot of martial arts. When it is fast, then the contacts can leave. And today, the field is not quick, it is a good, green, but the ball still bounces”.