From the agenda of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the IMF suddenly disappeared the allocation of tranche of Ukraine: a reliable source tells why the IMF changed its mind

At the next meeting of the Board of Directors of the IMF is only one question. This topic is the allocation of aid to Qatar. As regards Ukraine, it turned out that the day before the meeting, he simply disappeared from the agenda.

The allocation Ukrainerussia program
the extended Fund (EFF) for us $ 1 billion in the agenda of the meeting, which will take place tomorrow, March 20 is cleared, reports
“Dialog. UA”.

In the schedule on the IMF website
the Ukrainian question in the agenda is no longer, although previously this topic was included in
the list was discussed.

Any explanation for
about why the Ukrainian question is removed – the IMF website does not.

One of the sources,
close to the negotiations suggested that it could be related to the decision of the Council on
the blockade of trade with ORDO.

Another source
explained that a high-profile decision now would require the IMF revision
the macro incorporated in the program. According to him, this work may be
implemented in a very short time.
Therefore, the Ukrainian question was moved.

Recall that the solution
Of the national security Council supramediterranean goods on the territory coming to “LNR/DNR”.

Blocked all the message, leading to the occupied regions.