200 mph TVR super coupe revealed to the buyer prior to the market introduction

TVR’s new super-sports coupe finally unveiled — but only for the exclusive group of enthusiasts who have already agreed to buy one.

The car, a 200-mph, front-engine V8 two-seater very much in character with the traditional Blackpool TVRs but a completely new from the ground up, is featured in the series, the secret starts with the designer, Gordon Murray ‘ s HQ in the vicinity of Guildford, south east London. Only those who are invited have already make a Deposit.

To use TVR sports cars, Gordon Murray iStream-carbon-process

The company is committed to the swearing-in of their customers to maintain confidentiality, as far as the asked to sign the confidentiality — because it has chosen not to show the car’s finished appearance in public until the official launch in September.

The first customers are, see the cars in groups of about 30, in intimate principals meet with designers and companies, held on Saturday and Sunday on two weekends. Procedure begin with a briefing on the cars, all new mechanical specification touch on aerodynamics, lightweight construction and crash safety — before the full-detailed model is dramatically revealed.

Interested parties are also hearing about a number of targets for the car: power from the Cosworth-developed V8 surpassed 400 HP, a curb weight of around 1200 kilograms and a price of under £90,000 for the full-house TVR launch edition. Plus, of course, the 200 mph top speed, and the sub-4.0 0-60mph Sprints.

“Although these weekends are mainly about the beauty of the cars unveiled,” said Les Edgar, TVR-Chairman, “we also emphasize, challenging the fundamentals of what both the latest state of the art. This project had to start, our engineers and designers from scratch — you can not the latest legal any other way to meet — and we are proud of what they have achieved.”

Edgar says that the need for a completely new design — and a desire among TVR background-Refine consortium, the car has all of the important details is the most important reason for the slippage in the original delivery time. “We are determined that the car is the perfect chassis, and make sure that the looks fit the technology”, explained Edgar. “This meant that the work by a number of styling iterations, the not-so-fast.

Comment: The TVR is finally here (so to speak)

Autocar first of all, the news of TVR’s broke down new car at the beginning of last year, and shortly thereafter, nearly 400 deposits have been recorded. A full-size clay model of the car was at the London motor show (see gallery), but it remained under the covers.

The new TVR used Gordon Murray’s patented “iStream Carbon” production process is used to define a tubular structure, the improved hard points of the car, with a bonded-in carbon-fiber panels, significantly its strength. The stiffness, lightness and Crash of iStream have already been proven in a number of applications, including Murray’s own micro-cars, the two Japanese sports cars projects and flat-pack truck design for developing applications Ox.

At the Guildford meeting, customers will also have a 3D-representation of the TVR complete interior is — in two different color /trim combinations, plus a model of TVR is unique in-house design seat. Proceedings conclude with a discussion of the financing options, then a Q&A. taking The whole thing a little less than two hours.

In the past year, TVR, the implementation was developed with extensive performance and durability tests of his Cosworth, Mustang-derived 5.0-Liter V8 engine, most of them brightened in the previous generation of TVR Cerbera, in order to simulate the weight of the new car. The performance was described as “electrifying”.

TVR is also making good progress with an offer about their new factory, to be expected, is located in the vicinity of the proposed new Circuit of Wales in Blaenau Gwent. Les Edgar said the company should the keys to the new place, in an existing building in its own specification, in the first quarter of next year. Full-scale production began after a short pilot production in the third quarter of 2018.

TVR still can’t say exactly when the first owners of their cars — but you can expect that this is a burning question among its weekend visitors.

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