Tony Blair created the center for combating populism in Europe

MOSCOW, 18 Mar — RIA Novosti. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has established the global change Institute to fight populism in Europe, writes the Guardian.

According to the newspaper, created by the Blair Institute is not just a research center, a “new political platform to fill the spaces in politics”. The purpose of the Institute is to provide the world’s best politicians ‘ strategies and policies to combat populism that is gaining traction in Europe because of cultural and economic protest against the effects of globalization.

“In different parts of Europe starting to form indifference to liberal democracy. This is a very disturbing trend, for example, in France at least one third of young people say that I doubt that democracy is the best form of government,” said Blair.

According to the former Prime Minister, “even where populism prevails, as, for example, in the Netherlands, it affects and distorts the dialogue.” Blair added that created the global change Institute, as experiencing a “sense of necessity”. However, he clarified that it was not “the germ of a new party in the UK or his personal return to the political arena”.

By results of calculation of 75% of the votes in the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands held on 15 March, the leader of the people’s party for freedom and democracy (VVD) (32 seats out of 150 in Parliament), headed by the current Prime Minister mark Rutte. The second place (20 seats) goes to the far-right freedom Party (PVV) led by Geert Wilders in third place with a slight lag in one voice divide “Christian democratic appeal” and “Democrats-66”.
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