Released into the wild due to Savchenko felon from Poltava, shot the other and brutally finished off the prostrate victim with a knife

The offender been convicted after the liberation by the “Law Savchenko” he stayed outside for about a year and managed to commit a terrible crime, killing brutally a close friend.

First ubication his victim in
the head, and then finished off brutally with a knife, reports “Dialog. UA”.

The Prosecutor of procedural management
Vladimir Zhivilo, said the details of this bloody history.

The tragedy happened in September last
year, in March 2017 to October
district court of Poltava, the Prosecutor’s office sent the indictment against

The killer, he is a resident of Poltava, came to his
someone in the garage with a shotgun. It, by the way, he kept and
worn without need permits under the law.The killer wanted to buy another another rifle.

However, something went wrong, and the offender attacked
on his friend.

First, he shot him in the head, and then not
less than five times stabbed in the neck. The victim died of his wounds on

And the killer is taking advantage of the moment, stole
dead 2 smoothbore hunting rifle, bandolier, ammunition, mobile
phone, documents and other property totaling more than 30 thousand UAH.

Recall that at the end of 2016, the police released startling statistics on crimes in Ukraine,most of
which made it the released criminals, released early
according to the law, which has to do with the controversial MP.

It was also reported that 4 children tobushi maniac from Alexandria, also left to chance according to this law.