Muscovites often dream of St. Matrona and the metro

*** Dreams on the theme of Orthodoxy is popular in Central Russia

Moscow. March 17. INTERFAX – St. Matrona, metro and train often dream of the residents of Moscow, the study of “Yandex”, dedicated to the user requests on the subject of dreams.

In Kursk, Lipetsk, Orel and Ryazan regions popular religious dreams with the saints, priests and icons, said on Friday the press-service of the company.

In St. Petersburg people do have metro, blueberries and cranberries, in the Crimea, the sea, dolphins and waves, in the Chelyabinsk region is a meteorite, in the Stavropol region – walnuts and apricots, in the far East bears.

Just every week the users of “Yandex” from Russia asked more than half a million queries related to the interpretation of dreams.