Gunner of the French Lyceum was “a fan” of the killers in Columbine

MOSCOW, 17 Mar — RIA Novosti. The teenager, wounding several people at the Lyceum of the city of Grasse in the South of France, was a “fan” of their American peers who, in 1999, staged a massacre in a school in Columbine, writes the French newspaper Monde.

In one high school Grasse Thursday shooting occurred. Fire was opened by 17-year-old student armed with two pistols, a hunting rifle and two training grenades, he was the principal of the school. Attacking it is detained, the police are looking for his possible accomplice. According to recent reports, the shooting at the Lyceum injured 14 people, including several students who have experienced emotional shock.

The identity of the gunman is not known, but the newspaper Monde, citing sources wrote that it is the son of the Deputy of the municipal Council B. Killian (Killian B). According to the newspaper, the boy was a page on YouTube, the Intro which served as the CCTV footage from the school in Columbine, depicting the victims ‘ bodies.

In a similar style was decorated accounts of a young man in Facebook and Twitter. The personal list on the video service included a number of materials on the incident in Columbine, including the song the Anatomy of a School Shooting of rapper illa bill, which talks about shooting from the point of view of the criminals themselves: 18 year old Eric Harris and 17-year-old Dylan Klebold. The victims of the shooting at the American school, 12 students and a teacher.