Dulub: It was a game between two equal opponents

In 22-m round of the championship of Ukraine Karpaty away and took one point in the match against Dnipro.

“It was a game between two equal opponents who needed glasses. It was the nervous tension and the small number of dangerous moments. in my opinion, the result is a natural,” said Dulub.

“We conducted a purely strategic replacement. With 60 minutes we began to sink the support area, and we fired back of the player. Then I got tired Pavel Ksenz, and about 15 minutes before the end came out attacking player. And when one minute left, the right defender’s leg got a cramp and had to be replaced”.

“I don’t think we saved forces. Just Karpaty home and away — a bit different commands that is associated with the mentality of the players. In the locker room managed to get through that you need to add in the second half and we had chances. As well as could ignore.”