Playing in the “spiritual ties”? Putin will not go to the celebration of the third anniversary of the illegal annexation of Crimea

Russian dictator promises to convey the message to participants “climasevschi” Sabbath on the Sparrow hills.

The President of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin decided not to go to Sparrow hills to take part in
the meeting-concert “Spring”, dedicated to the third anniversary of the annexation
the Peninsula reports “Dialog UA” on materials of the Russian media
referencing sources in the Kremlin.

saying that “most polite” President “optional”
to come to this anti-Ukrainian “celebration” every year. They also
recall that last year, Putin personally attended the celebration of the “krymnasha.”

You know,
the Russian dictator came to the area to the audience on the occasion of the illegal annexation
The Crimea two years in a row in 2014 and 2015. But in 2016 he is not
came out, but passed the “big and fiery” participants “krymnasha”
a video from the Crimea, when he visited the occupied Peninsula.

Also people
close to the organizers of the “feast during the plague” on the Sparrow
the mountains, the promise that Putin’s greetings to the meeting-concert will sound, but
not misleading, in any format at this time.

Russia is cowardly and illegally annexed the Crimea in March 2014, introducing to his
military unmarked, and then after the illegal pseudo-referendum,
the results of which are not recognized neither Ukraine nor the world community.

recently, Vladimir Putin amused the audience by making entries in the notebook so he couldn’t read their
same Doodle.

As previously
it was reported that the famous Director Luc Besson cut of the movie script of
the submarine “Kursk” character, the prototype of which was Putin.