On suspicion in murder of the inhabitant of the Town of Vladimir Eremin detained military Rivne region

According to police, the killer is in a state of intoxication went into a cafe, where he allegedly had a quarrel with one of visitors of the institution and decided to find out the relationship.

In Ukraine
declared disclosing of murder of the resident of the front of Avdeevka of Donetsk region Vladimir
Eremina (pictured), whose body was recently found in the forest belt of fifty miles
from the city, reports “Dialog UA”.

The body of 43-year-old
men were found the evening of 10 March in the forest along the road
Kostiantynivka-Donetsk near Krasnogorovka. In his murder, the police
initially suspected the military.

the police, on suspicion in murder arrested 28-year-old member of the ATU of Rivne
region that drunk went into a cafe, where allegedly decided to find a relationship with
one of the visitors.

Also the police
report that the ATO was forced Eremina in the car, drove to the side
Kamyshin yasinovatskiy district, where he was beaten to death.

If the guilt of the soldier
will prove, to it threatens from 10 to 15 years in prison.

Earlier in Kiev solved the murder when the man with his mother’s corpse has lived in apartment for 5 years, her woman’s body in a carpet.