Museum “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” withdraws the refusal of the management of the building, waiting for written order on transfer of the building Director

*** The plan of St. Isaac’s Cathedral is not executed, all decisions are taken orally, says the Boers

Saint-Petersburg. March 16. INTERFAX – the State Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” withdraws its consent to the waiver of the right to operational management of the building, made after the publication of the Committee of property relations of St. Petersburg orders for the transfer of the Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church.

“I signed a letter (addressed to the Chairman of the Committee Alexander Senchukova – “if”), I asked to invalidate a waiver of the right to manage the building of St. Isaac’s Cathedral (as set out in a letter to the Museum in December 2016 – Interfax)”, – told “Interfax” on Thursday the Director of the GMF St Isaac’s Cathedral Nikolay Burov.

“The fact that I would like to get the basic document on which the decision on the transfer of the Cathedral. We still exist in the legal field, I need orders for further action. Yet, to date, no written, signed by the leadership of the documents on hand I have. There is only an oral order,” he said.Boers.

He stressed that the Museum will be able to start the execution of the decision about the move and the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in the management of the Church only after receipt of the order, “rather than oral instructions”.

In a letter addressed to A. Senchukova, a copy of which is available at the disposal of “Interfax”, N.Burov emphasized that the Committee referenced a non-existing a written Declaration of the Church on the transmission of the Cathedral.

“The Museum is ready to implement the statutory process of transfer of real estate, but after 2.5 months since the issuance of order No. 160-p of 30.12.2016 g. the action plan is not implemented, set the primary dates move to 24 months modified “oral order” in the period until mid-April 2017,” – said in the letter.

Earlier on Thursday, the Moscow Patriarchate said that in the question about applying to St. Isaac’s Cathedral continues to come from the approved plan. “We continue to act according to the road map, approved by the Committee of property relations of St. Petersburg. There was no change. Waiting for the decision of question about Museum values,” – said “Interfax” a source in the Patriarchate.