It became known, and was first issued in 2017, the death sentence in Belarus, the 32-year-old man

Belarus remains the only European state which still use the death penalty. Usually for the most serious crimes.

In Narovla Gomel
the regional court held a hearing admitted the 32-year-old local resident found guilty
in two murders, which he committed with special cruelty. Killer
sentenced to the Supreme penalty, which in Belarus is done by
the shooting, reports “Dialog UA”.

Press Secretary
The Gomel regional court Olga Barsukova said that sentenced to
death had previously been convicted and served sentence. His victims were his
neighbors-retired 59-year-old woman and 61-year-old man.

the cause of the conflict was a quarrel, then the attacker decided to
killing neighbors.

be noted that Belarus remains the only country in Europe where so far,
in the 21st century, the death penalty. It is known that in this country
the last 20 years was shot a few hundred sentenced to
punishment. And the only one sentenced to the tower was pardoned by the President
Alexander Lukashenko.

that 1996, Belarus held a referendum in which a majority of its
residents voted to keep the death penalty.

recently revealed over
in Minsk judge 49 protesters “natureade”.

As previously
it was reported, in Belarus resumed
the mass protests.