In Kiev drunk moron behind the wheel killed the famous coach Victor Kamkin: media published exclusive footage from the scene of the tragedy

Honorary master of sports of the USSR Victor Kamkin died tragically on March 17. He died on 73-m to year of life.

Chemkin was riding his bike after a workout and was hit by a drunk thug in the WHA, reports “Dialog. UA”.

The legendary trenera Cycling and triathlon died later, shot down Kemkina the attacker was detained at the scene.

Did concerned motorists who had witnessed the terrible accident. Drunken offender was detained until the arrival of law enforcement.

It turned out that the driver of the car was driving in an alcohol intoxication.

Recall that after the terrible accident died famous Ukrainian driver Yuriy Kochmar.

It was also reported about resonant road accident in Nikolaev, coldmachine with the military flew in a pet store.