“Departure BMP “orcs” on the arc Svetlodarsk. Again “third force” tried to” – Mysyagin about the latest events in the ATO

On the arc Svetlodarsk Pro-Russian gangs do not stop shelling positions of the ATO forces. March 16 “the third force” have long observed and recorded, where the terrorists hit Ukrainian military.

According to the volunteer Yury Mysiagina, information was accumulated
and analyzed, and then the mercenaries recouped in full, reports “Диалог.UA”.

“So well put in response that long… day Passed, and
OBDR***s the connection has not yet been restored. And some locomotive
recovery cannot be”, – writes Mysyagin in the social network.

He later wrote that after several attacks were
destroyed BMP “DNR”.

“She once went and worked on our positions, for the second time
went and shelled our front, and the third time, it didn’t happen. BMP is not, and “300” is) Again, “the third
force” tried to”, – said Mysyagin.

Earlier it became known that for last days in Donbassaero two Ukrainian soldiers, eight were injured.One of the “hottest” areas is Mariupol: invaders burned the settlements continuing
fire from different weapons.