A massive fire of the separatists of “DPR” has deprived the plant of centralized power, 22 thousand people remained without electricity – Goschs

The press service of the Donetsk regional state administration informs that in the plant due to regular shelling of militants “DNR” disappeared again centralized electricity.

As of 7:00 March 16 centralized electricity in Avdeevka missing. This reports the press service of Goschs.

“Centralized power supply is missing. Heat supply in the city, where about 22 thousand people, is centralized due to teploenergotsentrali Avdiivka coke plant”, – explain in service.

It is also known that the city remains a supply of water in the tank with capacity of 4 thousand cubic meters.

According to Goschs, objects of social sphere, does not have its own backup power, provided with electricity from 8 generators.

We will remind,14 kartavtseva and 11 settlements were left without electricity.