The terrorists will not be able to run Stakhanov plant of ferroalloys: it is possible in the Ukraine, but at the impostors and the militants there – a statement by the Association

One of the core enterprises of the Luhansk region, remaining in the temporarily uncontrolled territories of Ukraine is idle in 2014 due to the fighting. The plant came under the so-called “nationalization” “LC”, but at the moment the company is not working and when the terrorists will not work.

Ukrainian Association of ferroalloys producers said that today the plant
completely stopped and is not subject to government-controlled structures
reports “Dialog. UA”.

highlighted in the Association, the plant is almost completely destroyed and occupied
the territory it does, that would not provospalitelna terrorists.

the Ukraine plant operations is possible with the “LPR” authorities”
stressed in the Association.

On startup
Stakhanov Ferroalloy plant in terrorist “LNR” announced
back in the summer of 2016, however, as always, empty promises of the separatists and
left meaningless slogans.

Note, the factory specialized in the production of ferrosilicon grades FS45, FS65, ФС75,
of ferrosilicomanganese and ferromanganese.

We will remind, the leader “LNR” Plotnitsky said that the owners of
“nationalized” by the militants the Ukrainian enterprises with registratiecode old, and occupiers to change their do not intend to.

the next “DNR” leader Zakharchenko said about namereniyami in the “pressed” mansion Akhmetov, the Foundation of which is in the “DNR”is now banned.