The media materials: “do No harm! Five common mistakes of fasting”

Is the third week of the strict lent. For many Orthodox are days of abstinence from worldly pleasures to commemorate the suffering of Jesus Christ, including fasting foods (meat, milk, fish, eggs).

Turning to the experts, we decided to find out what mistakes do fasting in these important for the soul, but difficult for the body days.

Error. The attitude to the post as healthful diet.

Actually. The view that fasting heals the body, is wrong, says the gastroenterologist of the Moscow regional research clinical Institute. M. F. Vladimirsky, PhD in medical Sciences Inna Nikulina. It was during lent fasting very often gain weight. And this is the best. At worst they exacerbated chronic illness, acute conditions develop, worsen symptoms of the diseases about which people were unaware.

The right decision. So, before you begin fasting, you should consult with a specialist and, if necessary, undergo a medical examination. This is especially true of the long 40 day fast.

Error. Sharp restriction in food.

Actually. To post should be prepared in advance, and the week before it to adjust your diet. Do not have time? Then go to the constraints gradually.

The right decision. We recommend that you first give up meat, then eliminate from the diet of the fish and at the last turn, and dairy products.

Error. The complete exclusion of food of animal origin.

Actually. It of these products do important elements such as protein, iron and vitamin B12. When deficiency of them can cause problems with health. With the shortage of protein slow down the metabolism, losing muscle mass, but the amount of fat increases. Iron deficiency leads to the development of anemia is one of the most common conditions. Therefore, during lent we must make sure that these substances were in sufficient quantities in your diet.

The right decision. Protein and iron is best absorbed from animal products, but if they are excluded from the diet during lent, you need to replace them, recommends nutritionist private clinic Natalia Nefedova. Products with vegetable protein – all beans and nuts. Their daily ration is approximately 150 g. is Particularly useful red beans, which a lot of iron.

For better absorption of iron nutritionist advises all foods that contain this trace mineral, together with vitamin C, for example a salad of fresh vegetables drizzle with lemon juice or drink fresh juice. But tea and coffee contain substance that interfere with iron absorption.

Vitamin B12 can only be obtained from animal products, so fish should still be present periodically lean on the table. Otherwise, it is necessary to take this vitamin separately or in combination.


15 Mar 2017.

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