Olympic introduced beginners

Today took place the official presentation of the Olympic rookies. So, before the team was strengthened by defender Ivan Brukner, Midfielders Vitaly Gemaga and Moss, as well as forward Mykhaylo serhiychuk.

Note that the event missed Moss, who urgently went to Spain because of the mother’s illness.

“Before us stands the task was to get into the top six of the championship, and now in the Europa League, will achieve that — we will set new goals,” said sortdir Marseille.

“To solve the current problems, and was invited to our newcomers Vitaly Gemaga, Mikhail sergiychuk, Ivan Brukner and not all new Moss”.

“With all signed contracts for a period of 2 years. I think the level of these artists will allow them to quickly integrate into the team, which in principle has already happened, and we strengthen the game of Olympic.”