“Nationalization” fighters of the Ukrainian enterprises in the occupied Donbas, it became known about the next step Zakharchenko and Carpentry

The militants of the terrorist “republics” of the occupied Donbass will try to sell products with the “nationalized” enterprises on other markets. And that’s the next step of the separatists in the plunder of Ukraine supporters of the unrecognized “DNR/LNR” and their Russian curators.

On his page on Facebook
Vice-speaker of BP and the President’s representative on peaceful settlement of the situation
in the Donbass Irina Gerashchenko wrote that now fighters will do
the implementation of the stolen products, primarily “pushing” it on
the Russian market, reports “Dialog. UA”.

“Raiding is only one phase of the looting of Ukraine by Russia
and gangs in the occupied territories. Then they will try
sell products with pressed criminal by businesses in other markets.
ORDA and Russia want to sell the stolen Ukrainian products, first and foremost
mining and metallurgical complex, coal,” wrote Irina Gerashchenko.

According to her, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is obliged to develop a rigid plan
of measures to prevent another robbery of Ukraine, and to Russia together
with its puppets in the occupied Donbas are unable to sell stolen
by implementing the “pressed” property of Ukraine on external markets.

Earlier it was reported, chtanova “nationalized” enterprises in ORDA waiting for the collapse, as the militants will not be able to run
production capacity, because do not understand the specifics of these enterprises.