Act of terrorism or hooliganism: the Ministry of Finance of Germany planted explosives

The building of the Ministry of Finance of Germany was planted threat package, which could greatly cripple the one who will open him up. Police managed to defuse the explosive device.

After the announcement of the strange discovery the Berlin police evacuated part of the building and, as it turned out, not in vain. In the package was indeed explosives, reports UNIAN.

A strange package was delivered by mail in the mailroom ministerstvoto Germany. According to police, arrived on the scene and evacuating part of the building, the explosive device was homemade. It was designed to cause maximum harm to the one who will open the package.

Upon arrival, police and deminers could not immediately establish whether a parcel is a real danger, therefore, it was decided to take him on a special polygon. While staff evacuated parts of the building were able to return to their jobs.

The law enforcers have not yet reported whether the suspect and if they see the incident signs of the attack.

As previously reported, in Russia, the group has prestupnostiu warehouses of chemical plant, where he kept a large quantity of explosives.