The effects of the sanctions: Sberbank in Ukraine imposed limits on operations with cash

A subsidiary of the Russian Sberbank in Ukraine, imposing restrictions on financial transactions for its clients.

Starting from March 16 in effect restrictions on the issuance of cash and account transactions for customers of “Sberbank” informs the Russian TV channel “Rain”.

Now, individuals will be able to obtain in the offices of financial institutions no more than 30 thousand hryvnias, are available for withdrawal at the ATM, the amount will not exceed 20 thousand. Limit on noncash transactions is set at 30 thousand hryvnia per day.

As explained in the Bank, such measures were taken “to guarantee the stable operation of the Bank, prevention of violations of operating activities due to illegal actions of third persons, and to ensure availability of cash”.

In addition, the Bank reported that all employees work in a regular mode.

The solution to the borrower of sanctions with respect to subsidiaries of the Russian Sberbank was taken today during an emergency meeting of the NSDC of Ukraine with the participation of President Petro Poroshenko. These sanctions are designed to prevent the outflow of funds on the territory of Russia as the aggressor country.