Kaczynski said about the dominance of the “one man” in the European Union

(updated: 12:32 15.03.2017) 12275162 Poland was the only country that March 9 is not supported by Tusk on election of the head of the European Council. Polish authorities have repeatedly stated that they oppose his re-election because former Prime Minister, occupied a high post in the EU not promoted the interests of their own country and interfered in the internal political situation in Poland.

Commenting in an interview with the newspaper Rzeczpospolita, the vote of EU leaders on the question of the re-election of Donald Tusk, Kaczynski said that the result of the vote is explained by the domination in the European Union one state. Earlier, the Polish authorities have linked the fact that Warsaw did not support any one member state with the pressure from Berlin.

“What happened is a result of the fact that the Union is dominated by one state. Or rather, one person. This is a dangerous Community situation,” said Kaczynski.

Explaining his words that he supports the re-election of Merkel as Chancellor of Germany, the politician explained that the competition is not the worst way. “But the same error committed by it, not to mention the current crisis, which, of course, its authorship, affect the future. I mean the issues of refugees and Brexit, which was partly its result. This can lead to the fact that the Union really will collapse”, — the politician concluded.