Hot model BMW i3 in connection with a restyled series this year

The range of the BMW i3 will be updated in 2018 with slight design tweaks and a new range-topping model.

In i3s successful as it is expected, will be called, will offer a boost in performance straight line, and a more sporting nature, making it the first full market electric hot hatch.

It will get an uprated version of the rear-mounted current i3 to the motor, which produces 168bhp and 184lb ft of torque, pruning i3 7.3 sec 0-62 mph time. Until it is radically faster than conventional machine, even slight improve on the i3, the numbers will be enough to push i3s successfully in the areas of conventional performance hot hatches such as Ford Fiesta St.

BMW remains tight-lipped on arrival i3s successfully, but a source told Autocar reported that the model will become the most expensive model in the line I3. Electric hot hatch, expected to debut along with the updated I3 series in 2017 Frankfurt motor show in September.

The i3 range will get minor styling tweaks, and the last observation of the development of the car winter testing in Scandinavia, show will be focused around the headlights and bumper, with the lower part of the car development rear design similar to the I8 at the.

Inside the dashboard of the car is expected to be updated with the updated infotainment system.

Autocar understands the perfecting of the transmission range of the i3 will be insignificant, based on a slightly updated I3 94Ah model that was introduced last year. The car has a 33kWh battery that U3 increases to 195 miles (118), when measured according to the official new European driving cycle (nedc) test. Therefore, in 2017 i3 will almost certainly push range beyond 200 miles for the first time.

Along with styling tweaks and technical re-equipment, the color palette of the i3 will also be added, offering more options and improvements.

First restyled i3s successfully probably appeared in British showrooms by the beginning of 2018.