America raised the reserve rate coming collapse of the ruble and falling oil prices

Experts predict that the actions of the fed will drop the Russian currency up to 70 “wood” for a dollar.

reserve raised the benchmark interest rate by 0.25 percentage points. Due
this interest in the dollar as an investment instrument will increase, investors will it
to use more actively. If the fed will continue this course in relation to rates, oil prices
will definitely drop in price, it has a negative impact on the Russian currency, reports
“Dialog. UA”.

predict the collapse of the ruble to 70 to the dollar.

According to
President of the Moscow international currency Association Alexey Mamontov, the increase
the fed rate will lead to increased investment in us assets. Last
hit the financial situation of most countries that are considered developing.

state whose economy is heavily dependent on revenues from
the export of raw materials, will suffer. In particular it concerns Russia.

the situation the speculators who will sign short-term contracts
the purchase and sale of hydrocarbons in the hope to win the last won
oil position.

I also believe that the solidarity of the OPEC countries against the position to reduce
oil production reached at the end of last year with great difficulty, begins
collapses. So, Saudi Arabia I’m not so sure I chose the right decision.
Lower production of most of the participants of the oil market have used
American company and revived its shale projects.

oil will decline and the value of the currencies of the countries, including Russia.

“In the next
the trading session that will follow after the fed decision, the dollar will add a few
percentage points and will take the bar 62 of the ruble,” — said Alexey
The mammoths.

analysts believe that in the future the position of the Russian ruble may falter
even more.

Alexey Mamontov, the continuation of the fed policy to increase interest rates
together with a decrease in raw quotations until the end of 2017 will bring a dollar
to 70 rubles.

Saudi Arabia dealt a
the attack on the ruble, collapses the price of oil.

As previously
it was reported, the Kremlin has increased
debt of the Russian Federation to 11.1 trillion rubles.