30-the summer inhabitant of Kiev 2 months lived in the apartment with the corpse of the murdered mother: video released of controversial interrogation killer

The alarm was sounded by neighbors of the murdered pensioner: they began to feel a bad smell from the apartment of the woman and remembered that the pensioner has not appeared in the street.

When the emergency goloseevskom area arrived
the police, in the apartment investigators at first could not get there, 30-year-old son
the deceased did not open the door, said “Dialogue. UA”.

But the security forces was persuaded man and he
let the police into your home. He further admitted that he had killed his own mother, with the corpse
where you live in the apartment for a second month.

The murdered woman was 71 years old, her body was found
in one of the rooms during the inspection by operatives of the apartment.

The door to the room was closed tightly and firmly
sealed with adhesive tape. Itself the deceased was lying on the bed, laid on top
several blankets.

The coroner found that the woman’s body
there were wounds to the head.

The killer explained that his mother was constantly abused
because he was not working, was a drug addict and demanded from the pensioner money.

During a quarrel the son was hit several times
elderly mother with a hammer on the head and then strangled with a belt.