Shocking state of emergency in the Cherkasy region: the first footage from the scene of the murder of a woman burned alive in her own house, she had received 80% burns of body

Cherkasy doctors fought for the life of the victim, but the burns were so terrible that a woman died painfully. To such a state brought her own husband after the argument, he set fire to his wife and then fled from the scene of the murder.

According, the victim received
80% body burns, the woman died in the night from 13 to 14 March, reports “Dialog. UA”.

Lost I got terrible burns on the head, body
and face. When on call, doctors in the hospital came to the investigators, they found
that the victim – 42-the summer inhabitant of Smila, she had a fight with her
55-year-old husband who came home drunk.

During a quarrel the husband began to threaten that will burn
wife, and left the house. The woman in turn, these threats have not paid
any attention.After a time the monster is brought into the house of plastic
a bottle of petrol, doused wife and set fire to it.

The first woman was assisted by neighbors, they
helped to extinguish the fire and called the medics.

After his capture he was informed about
suspicion. Opened criminal proceedings under several articles of the criminal code
Ukraine, the sanctions of which provide for life imprisonment.

Recall that in Russia the civil husband
impulse gnevasheva burned his beloved.

Also, after the scandal with his neighbor
Dorm male in Russia has set fire to her room,causing the woman died.