Sberbank of Russia started to panic: fearing a massive outflow of funds, the Bank set the daily rations of cash

Sberbank of Russia has imposed restrictions on cash withdrawals through cash financial institutions.

As they say in the message a press-services of the Russian Bank, the restrictions are of a temporary nature. About it reports “Диалог.UA”.

The Bank noted that this measure is enforced, as unknown persons had caused serious damage to the financial institution during the destruction of ATMs and blocking the head office of Sberbank of Russia. The result was disruption of collection of branches and ATMs in different regions of Ukraine.

Each client per day may withdraw no more than 30 thousand hryvnias.

Note that, most likely, the leadership of the Russian Bank fears that as a result of constant actions aimed at closure of financial institutions in Ukraine, Ukrainians rush to withdraw their funds from the accounts.

Earlier, we wrote that activists in Causality the door of Sberbank of Russia by a wall of cinder block. In different cities of Ukraine weredefeated ATMs owned by Russian financial institutions.