The thread of diplomacy between Amsterdam and Ankara torn apart: the Dutch Ambassador van ray was denied entry to Turkey

The Deputy head of the government of the Republic of Turkey Numan Kurtulmus made a sensational statement that on the entry of the Ambassador of the Netherlands Kees van ray.

This information is according to”Russian conversation”, reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to Turkish civil servant, the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has committed “an attack on international law”, and the actions of the state demonstrate the “decline of Europe”.

Kurtulmus also said that all previously scheduled state visits and meetings at high level with the Netherlands at the moment, Turkey abolished. Moreover, this prohibition has affected the Ministerial levels and above.

It is also known that Ankara annul all diplomacy from Holland.

But the Deputy Prime Minister Kurtulmus said that the Parliament of his country must break any contracts signed with a European country.

In turn, on the website of the mission of the Netherlands in Ankara said that the consular section is temporarily closed. In on diplomacy, not sure if it opens tomorrow.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” informed that between the Netherlands and Turlapati international scandal.