The main mosque of Crimea is planned to open in April 2019

Simferopol. March 13. INTERFAX – the Cathedral mosque of Crimea is scheduled to open in Simferopol April 21, 2019 – the day of signing by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree on rehabilitation of national minorities of the Peninsula, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on nationalities Ruslan Balbec.

“The decision was taken jointly by the muftiat, is gratitude to the President for a decree on the rehabilitation,” – said R. Balbec on Monday during a videoconference Moscow-Simferopol.

The Deputy noted that the main mosque is built on the donations of benefactors – people of different nationalities.

The President of the Russian Federation April 21, 2014 signed a decree on measures to rehabilitate Armenian, Bulgarian, Greek, Crimean Tatar and German peoples who have suffered during Stalin’s repressions.

The main mosque of Crimea began to build on Yaltinskaya street in Simferopol at the end of September 2015. It was initially reported that the construction will cost about 2 billion rubles. Now the construction of the facility is estimated at 3.5 billion.

The complex is in the style of Ottoman architecture with the Crimean Tatar ethnic motifs will include a main building with a dome height of 28 m, and four minarets with a height of 50 m, an internal courtyard and administrative building. The mosque can simultaneously accommodate 4-5 thousand people.

In the Crimea, with a population of 1.9 million people, there are about 300 thousand Muslims.