Statements from the Church on Isaac is still there, without him to pass the impossible Cathedral – Smolny

Saint-Petersburg. March 13. INTERFAX – the Committee of property relations (CRO) of Saint-Petersburg has not received from the Russian Orthodox Church’s official statements on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, without which it is impossible to solve the issue of the future of the Museum-monument.

“Statements from religious organizations in accordance with established Federal law was not filed. A decision cannot be taken in his absence,” said Monday the representative of the Committee at the hearing on the claim of opponents of the transfer of the Cathedral in Smolninsky district court of St. Petersburg.

She stressed that the disposal of the CEB from December 30, 2016 on the preparation to the transfer of the Cathedral “carries no legal consequence”.

Deputy Boris Vishnevsky, who participated in the process as one of the plaintiffs drew the court’s attention to the reply of the Governor on the collective parliamentary inquiry. In front of Georgy Poltavchenko raised the question of the application to KIO from religious organizations.

“From the response it clearly follows that no statement no. And in a KIO, which we contested, there is a direct link to the report that is received. If this treatment, but there is something else that is not part of the 327-th Federal law. So it may not have legal value, and on this basis cannot be issued any orders KIO,” said the MP.

“The treatment of religious organizations in the Committee did not arrive. But the impugned order was issued at the request of religious organizations, submitted to the Governor of St. Petersburg. The Committee stands ready to provide this statement,” – said the representative of the KIO.

Smolninskiy district court on Monday began considering a suit against the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church with the house in the court room. The plaintiffs in the case along with Boris Vishnevsky are three local residents. Defendant administrative Committee of property relations of the city.

The court granted the request for the involvement in the process as stakeholders of the Museum “St. Isaac’s Cathedral”, Russian Orthodox Church, Committee for culture of St. Petersburg, Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the Governor G. Poltavchenko.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 17.