Double knockout in the first round: in a Network there was video as the boxers knocked out at the same time each other

At the tournament, 285 Shamrock FC in Kansas city, Missouri two boxers knocked out at the same time each other.

During the fight, which occurred on March 11 of this year, Axl Casares and Alan Vasquez struck each other blows so strong that at the same time fell. Video of the fight was posted on the video hosting You Tube, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Both fighters – Mexican-Americans. A unique incident that happened during a fight between them, caused excitement among the Internet users. And Casares and Vazquez was seriously injured after a knockout, but the judges unanimously chose the winner of this unusual battle. As vázquez, albeit with great difficulty, but managed to get up first, it was decided to give the victory to him. During the announcement of the winner, both fighters could hardly stand on his feet.