Another blow of Europe on Russia: the European Union formally extended sanctions against Russia until September 2017 for undermining the territorial integrity of Ukraine

The European Union on 13 March has decided to extend the personal sanctions against Ukrainian and Russian individuals and legal entities due to breach of their territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, and also behind attempts to destabilize the political situation in the state.

Reports about it “Диалог.UA” with reference to the press service of the Council of the European

It is noted that Brussels has declared its own decision by
written procedures without unnecessary discussions.

In the press service of the EU Council alleged that after evaluation
situation, it became clear that no reason to change the sanctions regime
there is, therefore, the personal sanctions list was only slightly changed:
excluded were only two persons who died.

Now under sanctions are 150 individuals and 37 entities.

Also in the Council of the European Union recalled that, initially, personal
sanctions against persons involved in the aggression in Ukraine was imposed on 17 March 2014
year in response to so-called “referendum” in Crimea. Then 21
a physical person has been banned entry to the EU.

After it became clear that Russia does not intend to stop the escalation
the conflict in Ukraine, the list has expanded.

By the way, informed the press-Secretary of Russian President Peskov said
Russia will not”bow” to the United States and will not require
the lifting of sanctions.