The exact cause of death Churkin: sensitive data forensics in new York was leaked to the American media

American forensics new York was able to establish the exact cause of death of the representative of Russia to UN Vitaly Churkin is a Russian diplomat died of a heart attack.

This is reported by sources of authoritative information
the Associated Press.

Journalists were able to obtain confidential data from
one of the representatives of the mayor of new York, who, in turn, has
data of the forensic.

While public statements from medical experts in the press
will not, as international Protocol and law prohibit publicly discuss and
announce the details of the death of diplomats.

In turn, representatives of the Agency noted that
the results of the examination were able to get in the media in spite of the decision of the U.S. authorities –
that is why the name of the person who gave the data to journalists is not called.

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