Alexandria — The Dnieper. On the eve of

Very interesting match will take place in Alexandria, where the local team will meet with the Dnieper.

If, before the resumption of the championship to predict the outcome of this match would be easy, now is not to jump to conclusions. Dnipro did a good job in training camp and very adequately looked in matches against Zirka and Chernomorets.

Alexandria great burned in the last round, losing the Carpathians. It is difficult to say what are the reasons for such a weak game in Lviv. Maybe the team of Sharan is not yet ready to fight for the top places? On the horizon loomed the bronze medal, and Alexandria immediately lost and postponed this talk until better times.

If the motivation of Alexandria in the Premier League are clear, then what about the Dnieper is not so simple. No one knows what will happen next with the club, but Dmitry Mikhailenko has done a good job. At least, a lot of young players got experience playing in the elite division, and it is well worth it. We can only expect that by the end of the season, Dnipro will play it and the nerves potrepat rivals.

Currently Alexandria is separated from the third place 5 points. A lot? Yeah, but Dawn to play Shakhtar. The victory over the Dnieper would again talk about the intrigue in the fight for the medals.

As for the personnel issues, the Alexandria such a lot. On Micizia team already may not expect — an experienced defender received a 1.5 year suspension for doping. At the same time, the main defender Sergey Basov was sent off in the match against Karpaty. For too many cards will not play Michael Kozak and Andriy Tsurikov.

Dnipro’s one loss, but what. Ruslan rotan suspended because of two yellow. How to show the youth of the Dnieper river without an experienced leader, one more question. In any case, weakened the team only added to the intrigue in this match.

Approximate compositions:

Alexandria: Novak — Siminin, Shendrik, Gitchenko, Chebotaev — Zaporozhan, BANADA — Chorny, Gritsyuk, Old — Kulish

Dnepr: Lunin — Adamyuk, One, Loperena, Vlad Kravchenko Cheberko — Lunev, Kochergin, Balaruc — Doubt

Suspended: Bass, Kozak, Tsurikov — Rotan

forecast 2:1