The President has asked to forbid in Ukraine Russian money

The service e-petition was an appeal, which the author proposes to prohibit in Ukraine Russian money.

The author of the petition is a man, who identified himself as a member of the battalion “Mariupol” Oleg Andriyenko. About it reports “Диалог.UA”.

In the text of the appeal States that domestic transactions in Ukraine are conducted in national currency – grivna, and in dollars and euros. The author of the petition asks: who in Ukraine and for what uses the Russian ruble.

Andrienko proposes to ban the sale currency of the aggressor or leave the currency exchange, but all that will change rubles to make a special list, which will then deal with the SBU.

Note, the petition was filed on 9 March this year. The President would consider it only if it gets at least 25 thousand votes for 91 days. While this petition voted only 31 people.

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“Диалог.UA” wrote which will usaviagrasales Russian ruble.