The horrific murder of a child in Russia: an aggressive mother beat baby son to death, then calmly buried the baby’s body

The Russian woman was arrested today on March 12. More than a year ago, a woman brutally murdered his young son, then heartlessly buried the child’s body and went on the run.

It is reported that
a resident of the suburban town of Dmitrov chudovishnoe baby in September of 2015
reports “Dialog. UA” with reference to”Russian conversation”.

What was the reason
this animal aggression in relation to five-year old boy, will find out
a consequence.

The killer first thrashed
son’s hands and feet, causing the child died from inflicted
injuries. Then she wrapped her son’s body in a sheet and buried in one
of country sites under Dmitrov.

The child’s body was
discovered after 1. 5 years. A criminal case under
article “Murder juvenile”.

Earlier it was reported how
the inhabitant of Russia having given birth to a fourth child, decided to kill him. Mom pushed
newborn baby in a burning pecii wait until the child is completely burned.