And Putin about it is still silent in Syria blew up a BTR with the Russian military, already established the identity of one victim of “vacationer”

There was another evidence of the death of the Russian “vacationers” in Syria, which conceals the official Russian command, but thanks to loved ones killed by the military groups in social networks these facts are given wide publicity.

This time we are talking death
several soldiers who died at the end of February, reports “Dialog. UA”.

22 February peripodial armored personnel carrier with Russian
military, were able to identify the identity of one of the victims.

Thanks to the social networks it became known that the APC with the warriors of the Russian Federation
blown in Tias, it is the territory of the Syrian province of HOMS.

Of course, that Russian high-ranking military officers about it
silent, but about the death of “vacationers”
reported their relatives, colleagues.

Thus, it became known that one of the victims name was Alexander
M. zangief, he is a native of North Ossetia.

Zangief served in 330РБр(g)/h 22179.

We will remind, earlier it was reported about blasting and heavy raniero in Syria, the Russian General, who is on the site of the explosion tore off two
hands and eyes were gouged out.

In addition to this, izvestnoe death of two soldiers of the Russian Federation,one of the
which relatives brought to Russia at his own expense, as military commanders
did not recognize the fact of his death in Syria.