Urgent! “Sberbank of Russia” has only a few weeks, take the money and run away – expert

How Fsbshny dictator one rash decision finished off the “daughter” of his Bank in Ukraine.

I think that after the recognition of the “documents” fake pseudo-States
in the Donbas “Sberbank of Russia” and its Ukrainian subsidiary expects
the inevitable collapse. And even the intelligence head of the financial institution Herman
Gref, prudently pulling time, not daring to openly admit “passport”
separatists will not save the Ukrainian “daughter” of the Bank from collapse
reports “Dialog UA”.

as the representative of the Russian Sberbank said about the service
its branches of customers with the “passport” “LDNR” broke out
a serious scandal. This statement led to a churn in Ukraine.
Clearly, not the financiers came up with it all, and the “gatherer of lands”
Vladimir Putin, who is not versed in Economics more than a monkey in
rocket engines.

the application for recognition of the separatist papers, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen
Asakobrivi were be entered against the Bank sanctions. Other policies also
predictable condemned the “savings Bank” for such actions, and this in spite
that was not his first head, and a much lower flight

unlike Putin, Medvedev and Zhirinovsky, the economy is well versed. And
understand one simple truth: money loves silence. At “Sberbank”
Ukraine and so after March of 2014 I look rather askance, and then, when
the situation is only more or less calmed down such a storm with the recognition of these

Gref pulls
time is silent, does not give the subordinate command will start an urgent maintenance
separatists. The economist is absolutely not smiling appearance in its banks pile
camouflaged bandits, he has to lard his Bank pile
counterfeit banknotes printed in the same Donbass.

it is known that if the territory of the Russian Federation Sberbank will take a fake passport
“LDNR” (about the territory of Ukraine, controlled by the APU generally out of the question
can’t) it’s impossible), it would be an economic crime which
will lead to tougher sanctions.

measures can be applied against the “savings Bank” and
respect to its subsidiary Bank in Ukraine.

the case is the fact that the sender of the funds with a “passport” fake
pseudo-States outside the Russian Federation will not be identified, and the translation is sent
of jurisdiction outside the territory of operations of the Egmont group.
Paper “LDNR” action must use to withdraw money from
Russia. Open a “portal” for financial fraud. And
Russia to close it would be impossible, for “senior ordered”. In
Ukraine understand this and close the hole immediately.

To get rid of
from the “daughter” of Russian Sberbank in Ukraine will
immediately. The rallies, the protests – it’s flowers. Ukrainian
the party will make every effort to punish the “savings”
which she three years of the war were allowed to work on-site.

As for
Russia, it could sell its subsidiary Bank. It just will not increase in price
this company. It is possible that at the site of the present offices of “Sberbank”
in Ukraine will soon be the branches of other banks, and may be completely different

dear clients of Sberbank, if you don’t want your money
burned or months later to stand in queues, trying to get at least some
part from the provisions in this Bank money, better take out funds. And as

Daughter Of “Sberbank”
nobody in Ukraine will not be saved. The scandal has already gone, smart people there take
money, and considerable amount. Following the “law of silence”, customers
with the “savings Bank” in large amounts are now transferred from there
funds in other financial institutions.

DP “Sberbank”
nobody in Ukraine will not insure, and even to capitalize
to nationalize. This office will disappear. Hurry up to take out funds
order delivered on time!