The Foundation of St. Andrew will hold a virtual election of the Constituent Assembly of 1917, and “will determine” the fate of Russia in the past century

Moscow. 9 Mar. INTERFAX – the St. Andrew’s Fund in the project “Russia-1917. Images of the future” offers to travel back a hundred years ago and vote in the virtual election of the Constituent Assembly that would determine the future of the country.

“We propose to take in the historical process, to present itself as a party to those distant events to celebrate the centenary of the revolutionary events do not stock official memorial, but a living, thinking about that turning point in the history of Russia and the whole world”, – told the correspondent of “Interfax-Religion” on Wednesday the press service of the Fund.

For ten weeks on the pages in social networks “Facebook” and “Vkontakte” everyone will be able to vote for one of the political parties that existed a hundred years ago.

There every day will include information about the parties ‘ positions on key state issues, and the participants will make a conscious choice between the Octobrists, anarchists, monarchists, or vote for the Bolsheviks.

The project will culminate in full-time expert session, which will take place on 16 may in Moscow, where together with leading historians, political scientists and public figures will be invited the most active members of a virtual vote.