The Cabinet canceled the Deposit in Ukrainian banks

Now Ukrainian banks are no longer to demand from entrepreneurs when the loan collateral for him. To replace him comes a new tool called “the trust property”.

Today, March 10, corresponding
the decision was approved at the Cabinet meeting, reports “Dialog. UA”.

Now polucheniia in Ukrainian
banks, according to Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Maxim
Nefedova, one of the most serious problems for the development of industry

Even with cash online person a
banks refused loans because they fear that you will not be able to recover
with his pledge, or cases stuck in the courts, as happened with Oschadbank.

Nefedov notes that the decision aims to restore confidence
the banking system of Ukraine.

The official explained that the trust property is something like
financial leasing.In some cases, the right of ownership of a specific project will continue it
for the lender.

“That is, legally, the object will be owned by the Bank, but
as long as the borrower does not repay its debt obligations to
prokreditovannym his financial institution,” added Nefedov.

Now the Sberbank of Russia has stated that the occupied Ukrainian Donbass
territory, therefore, the inhabitants of “DNR/LNR” in the Bank and no one will not
be ever to serve on the “documents” issued fake “States”.