Seat of Ateca long-term test review: the practicality of the test

It is a prediction, but a worthy test for the Ateca: how practical it is to load the arts?

The holidays are on hold thanks to a new house, a house purchase, so instead of that the Seat has been used for the transportation of all types of furniture.

Until the time, and in separate trips, I have installed a staircase and the painting of detritus, a toilet, a small dining table and an Ikea flatpack wardrobe from there– although the latter was a bit precarious, to say the least. There have also been many trips to the tip.

Ultimately, the Ateca has been a good companion. The start of the big opening makes putting in and taking out of items small and large, incredibly easy. The lip leftin the floor of the boot after folding the rear seats made life difficult, because you can not simply slide the bigger things, such as the vanity, all the way. Obviously, this will only be an occasional problem, but as words between me and my partner became more dry outside the storage facility, fully flat floor would have made life much easier.

Our car double boot floor (£115 option) resolves the issue by creating a floor plan of all, but if it had been in his place, the toilet would have been too tall to fit.

The furniture of the afflictions of a hand, the Ateca only beats the Nissan Qashqai and the Kia Sportage for the boot space. The Seat has 510 litres (expanding to 1604 litres) in comparison with the Qashqai is 430-1585 litres, and the Sportage’s 503-1492 litres. Our car of four-wheel drive system eats up a bit of boot space, though, resulting in 485-1579 litres.

Folding the seats is a breeze, with the hand release lever just inside the rear door opening. On the negative side, only 60/40 split rear seats, while some of its rivals, as the more premium BMW X1, have 40/20/40, which offers additional flexibility.

Most of my heavy work is now complete, a more simple bag test must be in your path.


Price £27,425 Price of the test from £28,740 Economy of 46.5 mpg Faults None Expenses None Last seen 16.11.16

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