Nurburgring record time of the competition, proposed by James Glickenhaus

James Glikenhaus, the wealthy American, who recently announced that he plans to build a road-legal version of his Scuderia Cameron Glikenhaus SCG 003 racing car, it was also said that the car which he wants to launch “road Cup” competition at the Nurburgring Nordschliefe, to discover that a civilian car, very fast there.

Annoying unchecked manufacturer lap times, most recently Lamborghini claim that the Huracán bonus cars published 6:52 time 12.7-mile circuit, Glikenhaus offers a competition should be run in the “24 hours nürburgring” (24), with road legal cars having to drive from Cologne, Germany to the Nurburgring on the same set of tyres, which they then set a lap time.

The glikenhaus acknowledges that this may sound crazy, and that power ring did not agree with his idea. “They read about it in the press,” he told Autocar at the Geneva show, “they’ll be like ‘what the hell, Jim?’”

Even Glikenhaus and form here – he already gives the Cup and the prize, which is awarded to the fastest qualifying car in the race 24 and he has already spent many millions of dollars to develop and race the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina and, more recently, its own t-bills 003.

He also insists that his recently announced road road version, which will be a limited edition of three cars of support and which will cost $1.8 million, will be the fastest car around the nürburgring.

“We know it [racing] sister can do in a 6:20 per lap,” said he to us. “He did it with 580hp, 100 kg more downforce and half a g more lateral turns. But this car weighs the same, has 300 HP and over 250lb ft.

“On race tyres he was faster than a racing car, but on road tyres it will be about 30 sec per lap slower, so around 6:40. That’s as fast as anyone will go.”

Even if Glikenhaus gets its plan approved, we’ll have to wait until next year to see it. “My idea is to allow them to yell and scream,” says Glikenhaus the organizers of the 24.

“Then they’ll get over it, and we will be back and race at the Nurburgring the following year. We’re going to do it.”

If he succeeds, we’ll be there.