Amon called the election program of Macron “chatter”

PARIS, Mar 10 — RIA Novosti. The presidential candidate of France’s ruling Socialist party, former Minister of education Benoit Hamon called “chatter” program as one of the favorites of the election campaign, ex-economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, in turn macron thanked his counterpart for “advertising”.

“The program of Emmanuel Macron is chatter. To comply with 3% (requirement of the EU’s budget deficit)? La-La. Europe of “two speeds”? La-La. Okay, all this talk. Europe of “two speeds” exists, there is the Eurozone. Thank you, and then what? What is the next step, what to do? Nothing new (in the program of the Macron), no,” Amon said at a press conference on Friday.

Before Amon also said that the position of the Macron, who says he is not left or right, plays into the hands of the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen.

“Thank you for this wonderful advertisement. If they had any ideas, if they talked with the French, we today would not have been in that situation where everybody is,” replied macron, the candidate of socialist.

Macron said that the representatives of the left spend a lot of time and effort to prove that he belongs to the right, and the representatives of the right with the same tenacity prove that it was on the opposite left. “Obviously, it’s true, we will continue,” said former economy Minister.

Election of the President of France will be held in two rounds on 23 April and 7 may.