Punishment for the shooting of the Maidan: the court has tightened a measure of restraint for ex-“berkutovets”, accused of killing 18 Feb 2014

Lawyer Heavenly Hundreds Eugenia Zakrevskaya told that the court increased the punishment to one of the ex-“Berkut” suspected in the shooting of activists in 2014.

Former “berkutovets” Vitaliy Goncharenko, who is suspected in the killings of 18 February 2014 on the Maidan, will be held in custody instead of house arrest.

This was stated by the lawyer Heavenly Hundreds Evgenia Zakrevskaya.

It is known that the judge granted the prosecution’s request after eight hours of the meeting.

According to the Prosecutor, within 60 days of arrest the indictment after reviewing all the participants with the materials, send to the court.

We will remind,Putin on the covers of “Berkut” who shot the activists in the Maidan.