In occupied Donbas policemen “DNR” shot two Russian military personnel

The Russian military staged another chaos in the occupied Donbas, to inaugurate a drunken scandal with “MGB DNR”. Moreover, the “> > ” attacked “local security forces” and tried to disarm them.

According to the Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine,
the incident happened in okkupirovannoi, reports “Dialog.

“MGB” arrived on the scene
the murder of civilians, and there is in their field of vision got drunk orcs. They
turn, staged a showdown with the policemen.

The incident occurred yesterday, March 9, with
the participation of two Russian soldiers from the 2nd army corps of the armed forces.

Military during the fight tried
to take away guns from police officers, but their direction was used weapons
to kill, and fighters were detained.

The nature of gunshot wounds
not reported.

Earlier it was reported, in the occupied
Luganskemal was detained in the city centre, a drunken Russian officer, who for the resistance
the police were thrown “in the basement”.

Also we will add that in
occupied Golovchyntsi ready to receive wounded “atamatov”.