Give 2 weeks for closure: participants trade embargo will go to extreme measures – the government and the depositors of Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine, delivered a tough ultimatum

All branches of Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine should be closed in the next two weeks – until the end of March, the Bank of the aggressor should not work on the Ukrainian territory.

This statement was followed by participants
the trade blockade and veterans of the ATO today, March 10, reports “Dialog.

Such measures, as explained by the chief of Staff
blockade Anatoly Vinogrodsky during a press conference
“blockade” is coming after a statement about the maintenance of Bank
the territory of the Russian Federation “passports” issued by the occupation authorities.

In addition, an ultimatum was also given to the depositors
the Bank, which during this time have to withdraw their funds.

“If in 2 weeks the government
will close this company, we shut it down themselves for all offices
which exist in Ukraine”, – said Vinogrodsky.

The participants of the blockade, she wrote an appeal to the Prime Minister
Of Ukraine, Minister of interior and the public Prosecutor with the requirement to control
“the funds from the Bank left in the country-aggressor”.

Vinogrodsky yet did not call, as
that is, the blockade will close down the offices of Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine
focusing on what to them is enough of a statement on the service
“clients” from the occupied territories.

Earlier it was reported that in the guide
bankocracy intentions to serve the residents of the occupied Donbass
“passports” of “DNR/LNR”, admitting that Donbass – territory

Also add in what kind of trap Putin has put the Russian economy, giving the go-ahead to such a decision for the Bank.