After a terrible traffic accident died famous Ukrainian driver Yuriy Kochmar

Yuri Kochmar died today, March 10. The pilot of the Odessa Rally Team in the late summer of 2015 got in a terrible accident. The consequences of an accident were irreversible.

racing driver for almost 2 years fighting travmami received
a terrible accident, but was not able to win the battle with death, reports “Dialog.

After the accident
Kochmar fell into a coma, where he spent a long time.

Kochmar tried
to restore functions of speech and of the musculoskeletal apparatus, the main stage
rehabilitation he spent in the Spanish clinic, which studied patients
came out of the coma.

Yuri Kochmar – winner of national and
international races of different levels in Ukraine and in the arenas
far abroad.In addition, the famous race car driver is
double champion of Ukraine on rally.

Earlier it was reported
tragic death in Odessa legerdemainist champion of Nadiya Olizarenko.

It also became known that in Kiev after a terrible illness died Max Papernik.